Clemy, age 52, motor disability: improving independence at home

Record number: 340
Last update: February 2005
Author: Tonussi E
Editorial data: Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Year of publication: 2005
Clemy is a 52 year old woman affected by spastic-dystonic tetraplegia as a consequence of perinatal suffering. She is completely independent in personal care, transfers and eating. Since her childhood she has tried to be independent in movements, in her personal choices and most of all in communication. Because of a sudden motor impairment, now Clemy can't use her electronic wheelchair any more and she has difficulties in maintaining the seated posture, which causes pain to her. She also finds it tiring to use the PC that she controls with a metal point fixed to her left foot and a standard keyboards with shield. Clemy would like to be independent in calling for help any time she needs to do it. She also would like to take a weight off her mother, who looks after her during transfers and in the bathroom.
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