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Colantoni M F
Bruna, 60 years old. Autonomy in daily life for a person with mental retardation
Portale SIVA FondazioneDon Carlo Gnocchi
It was 1959 when Bruna, at that time only 10 years old, the eldest daughter of a family of humble origins, was admitted to a charity with a diagnosis of "severe oligophrenia." Bruna spent 30 years at the Institute. At the age of 55 a Herpes zoster appeared, which tended to become chronic and evolved in algoneurodistrofia of the left lower limb. The continuous and unbearable pain forced her in a short time on a wheelchair and to continuous hospital treatments and rehabilitation programs. This papers explains the reorganization plan of care to ensure a good quality of life for Bruna at the Institute. Research and implementation regarded both structural solutions (access ramps, bathroom adaptations, etc..) and aids provision(wheelchairs, orthopedic shoes).
Year of publication: 2008
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: July 2011
D'Amato C
Filomena, age 102, motor disability: improving independence at home
Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
(text automatically translated from Italian) Filomena has exceeded the 102 years. After a working life (she has been collaborating domestic servant in a family of which he has known five generations) during which he does not have the accused never serious problems of health, widow and without sons, to the age 98 years old, he has left the house in which he had withdrawn itself from retired in order moving itself in in young of the family which had always worked. This work regards the put project of life to point for Filomena, from shared she, which considered in relation to expectable the progressive degradation of the motor functions in the biological process of ***senescenza and to manifesting themselves, in the time, also of cognitive deficits you. ***Sensibilizzata the family that had meant to have treatment of the old to the problems which meeting would have gone, has been necessary to adopt of the practical sagacities us on the ***sistemazione of the new habitat and to supply some essential assistive devices. The indicated assistive devices have been: the height-adjustable orthopedic bed to two hinges, the antidecubitus mattress to compressed air, the wheelchair to ***autospinta, then equipped with antidecubitus pillow, the chair to comfortable and, subsequently, the stool for the shower cabinet and the support in order to raise ***dal the bed
Year of publication: 2005
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: December 2005
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