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Assistive device types - Selected code: 05.36
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Products intended to provide instruction that improves a person's capacity and performance of physical, mental and social activities with the goal of enhancing the person’s participation in all relevant domains (such as communication, self-care, mobility, housekeeping, work, education, and recreation). Included are, e.g. assistive products used in education/learning. Included are, e.g. assessment, test and evaluation materials. Devices that have a function other than training, but that may also be used for training, should be included in the class covering its principal function. Assistive products for vocational assessment and vocational training, see >28 27
05.36 - Assistive products for training in changing and maintaining body position
05.36.03 - Standing frames and supports for standing
Stationary equipment for providing support to a person for keeping an upright position
05.36.03.S01 - Supports for standing
05.36.03.S02 - Engines for supports for standing
05.36.06 - Tilting tables
Platforms for positioning and supporting a person while progressively moving him/her. from a lying position to an upright position so that the body can adapt to functioning in that position
05.36.06.S01 - Lateral stabilizers
05.36.06.S02 - Sitting stabilizers
05.36.06.S03 - Prone tilting tables
05.36.06.S04 - Supine tilting tables
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