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Selected code: 22.27

Assistive device types - Selected code: 22.27
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Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations and using communication devices and techniques. Included are, e.g. devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, information technology. Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management. at work, see >28 21
22.27 - Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signalling
22.27.04 - Signalling devices
Devices that transform a signal, e.g. from telephone, doorbell, babycall, to a visual, an acoustic or a mechanical output.
22.27.04.S01 - Indicators with visual signals
22.27.04.S02 - Indicators with acoustic signals
22.27.04.S03 - Systems to transform images into sound or voice
Systems that transform an image, or a video, into acoustic information through sounds or synthetic speech
22.27.04.S04 - Indicators with mechanical signals
22.27.12 - Clocks and timepieces
Devices for measuring, displaying and speaking the time. Included are, e.g. portable and non-portable devices, devices with or without an alarm. function.
22.27.12.S01 - Wrist-watches22.27.12.S01 - Wrist-watches
22.27.12.S02 - Pocket-watches22.27.12.S02 - Pocket-watches
22.27.12.S03 - Table clocks or wall clocks22.27.12.S03 - Table clocks or wall clocks
22.27.15 - Calendars and timetables
Devices for storing and organizing data on planned activities. Included are, e.g. special calendar software. Office software and industrial software, see >282112
22.27.15.S01 - Organizers22.27.15.S01 - Organizers
22.27.15.S02 - Calendar software
Software designed to help users to manage daily life. Included are also software or equipment for mobile phones, paging receivers etc.
22.27.16 - Memory support products
Devices for notifying or reminding a person about people, important activities or events of daily life. Included are, e.g. medication reminders, portable memo pads, memory support notebooks, talking picture systems, timed reminder systems.
22.27.16.S01 - Memory support products
22.27.18 - Personal emergency alarm systems
Devices either operated by the user or activated automatically in case of personal emergency. Included are, e.g. insulin alarms, seizure alarms for persons with epilepsy, fall alarms.
22.27.18.S01 - Personal emergency alarm systems22.27.18.S01 - Personal emergency alarm systems
22.27.21 - Environmental emergency alarm systems
Included are, e.g. fire alarms, smoke-detectors.
22.27.24 - Monitoring and positioning systems
Devices for observing the status or location of a specific situation or a person. Included are, e.g. global positioning systems (GPS).
22.27.24.S01 - Satellite navigation systems
Monitoring and positioning systems that operate via satellite navigation. Included are, e.g., global positioning systems (GPS).
22.27.24.S02 - Registration of persons without identification
Alarm systems not featuring identification. The alarm is activated when a person leaves a certain area.
22.27.24.S03 - Remote video monitoring systems
22.27.27 - Marking materials and marking tools
Devices for marking and identifying. Included are, e.g. signs, symbols, labels.
22.27.30 - Timers
Assistive products for preparing food and drink, see >15 03
22.27.33 - Assistive products that support structuring a day or an activity
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