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Selected code: 22.30

Assistive device types - Selected code: 22.30
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Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations and using communication devices and techniques. Included are, e.g. devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, information technology. Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management. at work, see >28 21
22.30 - Assistive products for reading
Assistive products for extending and adjusting range and angle of the field of vision, see >220315
22.30.03 - Reading materials with audible output
Media for storing written data to present it in spoken form
22.30.03.S01 - Digital documents readers22.30.03.S01 - Digital documents readers
Software based system able to transform digital documents (e.g. text files) into voice output
22.30.03.S02 - Digital document reading (text to speech) services
Web based services that transform digital documents into audio files
22.30.06 - Large print reading materials
Assistive products for seeing, see >22 03
22.30.06.S01 - Large print reading materials
22.30.09 - Multimedia reading materials
Products that store written or print information and present that information using. more than one medium, e.g. audio and visual
22.30.12 - Page turners
Operating sticks, see >241815
22.30.12.S01 - Page turners22.30.12.S01 - Page turners
22.30.15 - Book supports and book holders
Reading tables, desks and stands, see >180306. Bed tables, see >180315. Manuscript holders, see >241824
22.30.15.S01 - Book supports22.30.15.S01 - Book supports
22.30.18 - Reading masks and typoscopes
Devices that enable a limited area of text to be visible at one time
22.30.21 - Character-reading machines
Devices for reading and transforming written text into alternative forms of visual, auditory and tactile communication
22.30.21.S01 - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software22.30.21.S01 - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
Software used for the scanning and recognition of documents. Included are e.g. OCR software with text-to-speech technology.
22.30.21.S02 - Paper documents reading devices22.30.21.S02 - Paper documents reading devices
Hardware system that transforms the text written in paper document into alternative forms (e.g. enlarged text, synthetic speech, or tactile).
22.30.24 - Tactile reading materials
Media for presenting the content in Braille. Included are, e.g. books and other printed materials in Braille.
22.30.27 - Special multimedia presentation software
Software used to link and show different kinds of displays and images, cartoons, animation and synchronized sound
22.30.30 - E-book readers
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