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Assistive device types - Selected code: 22.36
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Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations and using communication devices and techniques. Included are, e.g. devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, information technology. Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management. at work, see >28 21
22.36 - Input devices for computers
Computers and terminals, see >22 33. Output devices for computers, see >22 39
22.36.03 - Keyboards
Included are, e.g. Braille keyboards. Accessories for telephoning, see >222421
22.36.03.S01 - Programmable keyboard configuration tools22.36.03.S01 - Programmable keyboard configuration tools
Software tools that allow to configure programmable keyboard and or to print overlay
22.36.03.S02 - Keyboard shields22.36.03.S02 - Keyboard shields
22.36.03.S03 - Keyboards with a special design22.36.03.S03 - Keyboards with a special design
Keyboards including e.g. enlarged and miniaturized keyboards, headpointer keyboards, ergonomic keyboards and one-hand keyboards.
22.36.03.S04 - Programmable (concept) Keyboards22.36.03.S04 - Programmable (concept) Keyboards
Touch-sensitive programmable boards which can be divided into different numbers and sizes of active areas (keys). Each active area can be programmed to perform different actions.
22.36.12 - Alternate input devices
Included are, e.g. optical scanners, speech recognition units, touch sensitive boards, data gloves, brain-computer interfaces, motion sensors. Computer pointing devices, see >223621
22.36.12.S01 - Software for accessing the computer in scanning mode22.36.12.S01 - Software for accessing the computer in scanning mode
Software that can be used, in combination with a switch, to control the computer in scanning mode.
22.36.12.S02 - Voice recognition systems22.36.12.S02 - Voice recognition systems
Software for command and control or text input to computers by speech (speech-to-text programs).
22.36.12.S03 - Eyegaze systems22.36.12.S03 - Eyegaze systems
Systems that allow to control a computer, or other devices, through gaze
22.36.12.S04 - EEG, EOG or EMG controlled input devices
Input devices controlled by electric signals activated by brainwave signals (EEG), by facial muscle movements (EMG) or by eye movements (EOG).
22.36.15 - Input accessories
Devices for linking the input systems with the computer. Included are, e.g. stand-alone word banks and word lists, multiports, cables, boards.
22.36.15.S01 - Computer adaptation accessories22.36.15.S01 - Computer adaptation accessories
22.36.15.S02 - Switch interfaces22.36.15.S02 - Switch interfaces
Interface to connect switches to devices, to allow, for exemple, the control in scanning mode.
22.36.18 - Input software
Included are, e.g. one-finger drivers, screen keyboards, optical reading software. Word processing software, see >221224. Alternate input devices, see >223612. Office software and industrial software, see >282112
22.36.18.S01 - On screen keyboards22.36.18.S01 - On screen keyboards
Software that reproduce the keyboard on the device screen
22.36.18.S02 - Mouse control software22.36.18.S02 - Mouse control software
Software that allow to control the mouse movement and/or click functions.
22.36.18.S03 - Word prediction and word termination software22.36.18.S03 - Word prediction and word termination software
Software designed to facilitate typing by completing words and/or predicting the next word in a sentence
22.36.18.S05 - Software for adjusting input devices response22.36.18.S05 - Software for adjusting input devices response
Software that allow to modify the functioning and behavior of input devices (e.g. mouse, keyboard, switches, ....) through adjustments and filtering (e.g. filtering out involuntary repeated keypress, or allowing "hot keys" and "short cuts")
22.36.21 - Computer pointing devices
Assistive products to position screen pointer and to select items on computer display. Included are, e.g. computer mice, touch pads, track balls, computer joysticks. Alternate input devices, see >223612
22.36.21.S01 - Accessories for mouse adaptation22.36.21.S01 - Accessories for mouse adaptation
22.36.21.S02 - Joystick mouse devices22.36.21.S02 - Joystick mouse devices
Mouse devices with a joystick. Used to control the mouse pointer. Included are also mouth controlled joysticks.
22.36.21.S03 - Body movement controlled mice22.36.21.S03 - Body movement controlled mice
Hardware devices that, using special sensors (e.g. video cameras, accelerometers, …), allow to control the mouse functions by moving a body part (e.g. the head)
22.36.21.S04 - Trackball22.36.21.S04 - Trackball
A trackball in an upside-down mouse that rotates in place within a socket. The user rolls the ball to direct the cursor to the desired place on the screen.
22.36.21.S05 - Touch screens22.36.21.S05 - Touch screens
Touch screens consist of a touch sensitive display, divided into fields. The size, number and function of the fields can be customized.
22.36.21.S06 - Switch operated computer mice22.36.21.S06 - Switch operated computer mice
Type of computer mouse where you can control all the mouse functions through switches.
22.36.21.S07 - Touch pad
in touch pads movement of the finger produces a corresponding cursor movement.
22.36.21.S08 - Computer and console joysticks
Input devices, e.g. controllers, for playing electronic games on pc, Mac, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, or other platforms.
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