Progetto di domiciliazione protetta per una persona con esiti di trauma cranio encefalico

Record number: 13
Last update: May 2003
Type of document: Thesis
Author: Bertocchi C
Editorial data: Tesi Corso di Perfezionamento "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Università Cattolica Milano e Fondazione Don Gnocchi, a.a. 2001-2002
Year of publication: 2002
(text automatically translated from Italian) The case study regards a boy 20 years old that suffers from ***TCE outcomes (head injury) which they are continuations disability is of motor type is of cognitive type. It lives with the sister and the mother in an apartment to the Association of Bologna without elevator. Given a degree to in a hotel school, it carried out activity of bartender in a kiosk of property of the family. To the age of the hospital admission it was in one be of minimal ***responsività with neuromotor panel of tetraparesis. The objectives of the caretaking, beyond to those motor clinicians, ***infermieristici and, have been addressed to one planning of the resignations. The participation areas have been: 1. The location of a wheelchair and a system of posture 2. The location of necessary assistive devices to the domiciliation (assistive devices for ***rieducazione, force, equilibrium; for the personal treatment; for the incontinence; for the prevention of the decubituses; equipment for feeding) 3. The training of the family to the use of the assistive devices at domicile 4. The activation of the territorial services (attendance of base, ***infermieristica, rehabilitative) 5. The procedure of the prescription - authorization - supply of the assistive devices in the Local health authority of belongings 6. The modifications acclimatize them, in particular accessibility of the bath
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