Le sue mille possibilità nonostante tutto: il caso di Francesco

Record number: 168
Last update: December 2004
Type of document: Thesis
Author: Di Benedetto MR
Editorial data: Tesi Corso di Perfezionamento "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Università Cattolica Milano e Fondazione Don Gnocchi, a.a. 2003-2004
Year of publication: 2004
(text automatically translated from Italian) Francesco is a boy of sixteen years with outcomes of Infantile Cerebral Paralysis and remarkable visual problems, situation that has influenced in decisive way in the development of its cognitive abilities. He is equipped with remarkable wants of living and to get in contact with with the others. Continuation ***dalla writing in ***fisioterapico treatment ***dall' the age of three years has caught up one currently discreet ***deambulatoria independence. In this period it is inserted in one before advanced and it attends a socio-educational center. The project exposed in the thesis, aiming to the conquest of a greater independence, previews the use of assistive devices actions to ***rendergli the more satisfactory life in three fields: 1) external mobility through the location of a manageable wheelchair for he and the relatives or the operating ones who turn around to he. It has been chosen the wheelchair to rear driven. 2) Independence in the treatment of the own linked person in particular at the moment of the bath: the seat for bathtub is proposed. 3) computer based Accessibilities and possibility of writing through the location of opportune adaptations for computer and specific programs. They have been chosen: expanded special keyboard, emulator of keyboard, software for decode information video, software for magnified visualization, software for learning of the mathematical one, software for learning of the monetary value, software for the exercise of ***abilita' perceptive, software in order to design, software for processing of texts. Completed a detailed analysis of the numerous offered proposals, having every remarkable advantages in a sense or the other, have been operated one chosen ***oculata also in sight of the economic implication. As far as the first point, the wheelchair already has been granted. On more soon the procedure will set off because the other chosen assistive devices and proposals for the others can be supplied also two points.
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