Assessing, recommending and prescribing assistive technology solutions

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Last update: April 2015
Type of document: Manuals or books
Author: Andrich R
Editorial data: Quaderni della Fondazione Don Gnocchi n.8, Milano 2015
Year of publication: 2015
This handbook is intended for rehabilitation professionals as well as for anybody working in the field of disability. It offers guidance to the world of assistive technology products, or in general to whatever technology makes available today for inproving autonomy and social participation of people with disabilities in society. The first part clarifies the role of assistive technology and other environmental facilitators (personal assistance, accessibility, etc ...) within a individualized rehabilitation, care or educational programme; it also discusses how to properly carry out the assessment of the person's needs so as to achieve effective and efficient assistive solutions. The path leading from the recognition of the need to the implementation of the solution is divided into four steps: assessment, decision, implementation and follow-up. The second part provides further details related to various categories of assistive products: orthotics and prosthetics, seating aids, mobility aids, assistive products to the home and daily life activities, environmental control and home automation, accessibility to information technology, augmentative communication, assistive products in the school and in the job context. The last part illustrates the main instruments needed by the professionals who carry out the assistive technology assessment work. The handbook features a rich iconography, maily based on original photos made with the cooperation of professionals and clients of the IRCCS Centre Fondazione Don Gnocchi in Milano, Italy.
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