GLIC-The Italian network of consultancy centers on Assistive technologies for disabilities

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Last update: December 2020
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Year of publication: 2020
Since 1996, about twenty Italian reference centers in the sector of computer and electronic aids for the disabled collaborate in an interregional working group (GLIC). These are stable public or private realities, without commercial purposes, which have initiated a technical-scientific comparison and permanent collaboration. The GLIC Centers, while presenting some diversity at the level of the specific sectors of interest or the type of user, have in common the provision at different levels of services such as information, consultancy, support, training / research and are equipped with a team of work and a park of aids and hypotheses of solutions for various problems of autonomy in life contexts. The idea behind the collaboration between the Centers is that today it is necessary and urgent to create the conditions for a concrete impact of technological progress on the quality of life of disabled people: since the technologies are available, it is necessary to move from an experimental phase to a phase of strengthening and management of resources, working for a real usability of tools and services.
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