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Cernigoi G
Gaia, age 72, motor disability: improving independence at home
Editorial data: Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Abstract: Gaia's severe impairment of both vital and motor functions, the cognitive ones excluded, was caused by an acute cerebral vascular accident. This experience deals with the patient's home reintegration and home care, aimed to assure her a good quality of life within her family. It is extremely important searching for a solution together with Gaia's family, that will take care of her in the daily life. Besides, a solution must be found out shortly because of the forthcoming discharge of the patient. The global evaluation of the domestic environment, the provision of the early assistive devices and Gaia's family training are only the first step in her life reorganization process, that will be extended, checked and improved according to the future needs.
Year of publication: 2005
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: February 2005
Cernigoi G
Si torna a casa: il caso di Gaia
Editorial data: Tesi Corso di Perfezionamento "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Università Cattolica Milano e Fondazione Don Gnocchi, a.a. 2003-2004
Abstract: (text automatically translated from Italian) Gaia is a old woman, hit from an acute vascular event with serious impairment of not cognitive the vital and motor functions tu. In this thesis the organization will be dealt with of at domicile re-enters of Gaia and its finalized attendance to inside guarantee them one good quality of life of its family. ***E' be fundamental to search in every studied solution of the agreement points with the familiar ones that would have managed Gaia between them walls domestic servants. The structuring of the address, initially lacking in whichever assistive device, will have to be adapted to the requirements of Gaia and the familiar ones that will be taken care then of its attendance. Moreover every thing will have to be realized in limited times, given to the imminent passage ***dall' the hospital to the address without intermediate periods of hospital admission in other which protected structures. The supply of the first assistive devices and the training of the familiar ones that assist it to the use of the same ones, beyond to a total assesment of the environment, are alone the first passage of a life project that then will go widened, see again and corrected in relation to the necessities of the moment and the clinical passed one. Therefore the assistive devices thought indispensable for I re-enter at domicile will be the height-adjustable orthopedic bed to two hinges, the antidecubitus mattress to air, the exhaust fan and the pump for parenteral nutrition (supplied beginning right now ***dal the ***infermieristico service) and still the hoist electrical worker with fastening fixed to the wall. Moreover, in the times immediately succeeded you to I re-enter at domicile, will be necessary ***to procurare one postural wheelchair with adequate antidecubitus pillow.
Year of publication: 2004
Type of document: Thesis
Last update: December 2004
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