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Steffan I
Mobility of frail people in the urban environment
Editorial data: Dispense Corso di Alta Formazione "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Abstract: The lecture analyses the themes of usability, safety and pleasantness of urban spaces from the point of view of pedestrian users, also mentioning international researches on intermediate and entry areas to the city. In particular, it analyses the several issues about mobility, orientation, perception of spaces faced by people with motor, sensorial and cognitive disabilities, by elderly people, children, foreign people and people with temporary impairments. Furthermore, the lecture suggests design criteria to improve the usability of these spaces, pathways, equipment, services, signs (in urban and architectural planning and environmental communication) in terms of compatibility with different needs, abilities and expectations and it illustrates them through examples of good practices implemented in different cities, both in Italy and worldwide.
Year of publication: 2018
Type of document: Lectures
Last update: February 2018
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