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Castellano G
Alessio, 33 years old. Autonomy in daily life for a person with spastic quadriplegia.
Editorial data: Portale SIVA Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Abstract: Alessio is a young man aged 33 with severe spastic quadriplegia, expressive aphasia, nystagmus, as results of a perinatal damage. This study aims to document the path of Alessio and of team of professionals who followed him: this experience involved Alessio’s parents, his caregiver and the whole team of the Centre. Considering the severity of the clinical situation, a multiprofessional approach was needed, in order to improve Alessio situation and to make him more independent, in particular as far as communication was concerned. Alessio has maintained a good level of symbolic cognitive ability, slightly below the norm: although he can’t use verbal language, he has a high understanding and an overall good cognitive functioning. Thanks to his character, his availability and his will, he was able to self determine not only the choice of technological solutions, but his future in general.
Year of publication: 2006
Type of document: Case studies/experiences
Last update: July 2011
Leonzio M
Augmentative and alternative communication in autism
Editorial data: Tesi Corso di Perfezionamento "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Università Cattolica Milano e Fondazione Don Gnocchi, a.a. 2011-2012
Abstract: Autism is characterized by impaired communication: appropriate AAC interventions, based on visual and technological aids, can strongly improve functional abilities and social interaction.
Year of publication: 2012
Type of document: Thesis
Last update: December 2012
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