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Selected code: 18.10

Assistive device types - Selected code: 18.10
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Furniture and other products that can be placed in, incorporated into or otherwise, added to, the built environment to facilitate movement and positioning, including. entry and exit, within areas constructed for public and private use. Included are, e.g. products for sitting, standing and lying. Sets of castors, see >243606. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see >27 03. Workplace furniture and furnishing elements, see >28 03
18.10 - Accessories for sitting furniture
Accessories for seats including wheelchair seats
18.10.03 - Back supports
Included are, e.g. back supports (and components of back supports) that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, lumbar supports, back cushions, back pads. Back cushions and back pads for tissue integrity, see >043304
18.10.03.S01 - Back cushions18.10.03.S01 - Back cushions
18.10.03.S02 - Wheelchair backrests
18.10.06 - Seat cushions and underlays
Cushions and other devices that are placed on a seat to correct and maintain a stable. sitting position. Seat cushions and underlays for tissue integrity, see >043303
18.10.06.S01 - Abduction blocks18.10.06.S01 - Abduction blocks
18.10.06.S02 - Cushions18.10.06.S02 - Cushions
18.10.06.S03 - Cushions with hole
18.10.06.S04 - Anatomic cushions18.10.06.S04 - Anatomic cushions
18.10.06.S05 - Solid wheelchairs seats
18.10.09 - Arm supports
Included are, e.g. arm troughs, hemiplegia casts. Toilet arm supports mounted on toilet, see >091224. Toilet arm supports free-standing, see >091225. Arm supports to permit manual activities, see >241827
18.10.09.S01 - Arm supports
18.10.12 - Head supports and neck supports
Included are, e.g. head supports (and components of head supports), neck supports, neck cushions that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat.
18.10.12.S01 - Head supports18.10.12.S01 - Head supports
18.10.12.S02 - Headrests
18.10.15 - Leg supports and foot supports
Included are, e.g. leg supports, foot supports, footplates, stump supports that are. attached or incorporated into a chair or seat, abductors, adductors, knee separators.
18.10.18 - Trunk supports and pelvic supports
Devices that are attached or incorporated into a chair or seat to provide support to, or to stabilize, a person's shoulders, torso, hips or pelvic region when sitting. Assistive products for body stabilization, see >09 07. Seat belts and harnesses for motor vehicles, see >121209
18.10.21 - Cushions or systems added to seats to assist a person to stand or sit
18.10.24 - Lap trays and tables that can be attached to chairs
Products that can be attached to a chair (including a wheelchair) or placed on the lap of a sitting person that provide a flat surface on which activities can be carried out or objects can be placed
18.10.24.S01 - Lap trays18.10.24.S01 - Lap trays
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