Portale SIVA sulle tecnologie per la disabilità e l'autonomia Portale SIVA sulle tecnologie per la disabilità e l'autonomia Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Foundation
Besides the SIVA Portal, the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation offers a network of specialised centres - SIVA also stands for "Assistive Technology Information and Assessment Services" - which can be contacted upon appointment to obtain personalized assessment, guidance and advice to find out the appropriate assistive technology solutions that best meet each individual need.
The SIVA professional teams are prepared to help the clients find solutions to most problems they may encounter in daily life (mobility, communication, computer access, personal care, home adaptation…) and in any context (domestic life, school, workplace, social activities…); some SIVA services are also equipped with a permanent exhibition of assistive products that can be tried out.

The SIVA Network includes:

- an email helpline for general information on assistive technologies;
- a highly specialised assistive technology Centre (the DAT Service) located in Milano, including a large permanent exhibition of assistive products and a trial flat equipped with advanced smart home technologies;
- a nation-wide network of assistive technology assessment services (the SIVA Centres), where users, family members and professional caring for them can get appointments for individual assessment and guidance.

In addition to the above, the Innovation Development Department of the Don Gnocchi Foundation in Milano includes The SIVALab, aimed at introducing innovative assistive technologies in the clinical and social-assistance services of the Don Gnocchi Foundation.
Through continuous scouting activities on the international market, updates the assistive technology exhibition of the Santa Maria Nascente center, offers technical and methodological support to the SIVA network in identifying solutions for the autonomy of people with disabilities.
Moreover, The SIVALab team is engaged in spreading culture about the Assistive Technologies through teaching and dissemination activities, and participation in national and international technological and methodological innovation projects.
Finally, The SIVALab is partner of the international information network on Assistive Technologies -EASTIN-, of The Italian network of Assistive technology Centers -GLIC-; collaborates with the the European Scientific Society of Assistive Technology -AAATE-.


For general information on assistive technologies and for appointments for individual assessment: send an email message to portale@siva.it


SIVA Milano
DAT Service (Smart Home, Assistive Technology, Occupational Therapy)
IRCCS "Santa Maria Nascente", 20148 Milano, Via Capecelatro 66
Tel. 02 40308340 Fax 02 40308850 sportellodat@dongnocchi.it

SIVA Milano - Girola
Centro "Carlo Girola", 20162 Milano, Via Girola 30.
Tel 02 64224986 siva.girola@dongnocchi.it

SIVA Milano - Palazzolo
Istituto "Palazzolo", 20149 Milano, Via Don Luigi Palazzolo
Tel 02 39703354 Fax 02 39703354 siva.palazzolo@dongnocchi.it

SIVA Inverigo
Centro "Santa Maria alla Rotonda", 22044 Inverigo (Como), Via Privata d'Adda 2 Tel. 031 3595562 o 0313595532 Fax 031 3595548 siva.inverigo@dongnocchi.it

SIVA Rovato
Centro "Spalenza Don Gnocchi", 25038 Rovato (Brescia), Largo Paolo VI
Tel. 030 7245487 siva.rovato@dongnocchi.it


SIVA Torino
Centro "Santa Maria ai Colli", 10133 Torino, Via Settimio Severo 65
Tel. 011 6303314 siva.torino@dongnocchi.it


SIVA Parma
Centro "Santa Maria ai Servi", 43100 Parma, Piazzale dei Servi 3
Tel 0521 2054 Fax 0521 281299 siva.parma@dongnocchi.it


SIVA Firenze
IRCCS Don Carlo Gnocchi, 50143 Firenze, Via di Scandicci 269
Tel 055 7393925 Fax 055 7393924 siva.firenze@dongnocchi.it

SIVA Massa and Fivizzano
Centro "Santa Maria alla Pineta", 54100 Marina di Massa (MS), Via Don Carlo Gnocchi 24
Tel 058 5863246 Fax 058 5863291 siva.massa@dongnocchi.it


SIVA La Spezia
Polo Riabilitativo del Levante Ligure, 19125 La Spezia, Via Fontevivo 127
Tel 0187 5451121 siva.laspezia@dongnocchi.it


SIVA Falconara
Centro "Bignamini Don Gnocchi", 60015 Falconara (Ancona), Via Matteotti 56
Tel 071 9160971 Fax 071 912104


SIVA Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi
Polo Riabilitativo Specialistico, 83054 Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (Avellino), Via Quadrivio
Tel 0827 455887 siva.santangelo@dongnocchi.it
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