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Assistive device types - Selected code: 04.15
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Products that monitor or assess a person’s medical condition, and products that support, or provide a substitute for, a specific body function. Included are, e.g. products used in “medical treatment”. Excluded are assistive products used exclusively by healthcare professionals. Assistive products for education and for training in skills, see >05; Assistive products attached to the body for supporting neuromusculoskeletal or movement related functions (orthoses) and replacing anatomical structures (prostheses), see >06; Tilting tables, see >053606; Assistive products for seeing, see >22 03; Assistive products for hearing, see >22 06
04.15 - Assistive products for dialysis therapy
Devices for purifying the blood of a person. Assistive products for administering medicines, see >04 19. Sterilizing equipment, see >04 22. Bacteria culture media and equipment, see >042406. Blood pressure meters, see >042409. Blood analysis devices, equipment and materials, see >042412. Body thermometers, see >042424. Personal scales, see >042427. Tables, see >18 03. Light fixtures, see >18 06. Sitting furniture, see >18 09. Water purifiers and water softeners, see >270318
04.15.03 - Haemodialysis units (HD)
Machines used regularly for purifying the blood of a person who has poorly functioning or absent kidneys. Included are, e.g. dialysers, monitors, blood pumps, heparin pumps, air detectors.
04.15.06 - Units for continuous ambulant peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
Body-worn devices for continuously purifying the blood of a person with poorly. functioning or absent kidneys. Included are, e.g. infusion unit bags, frames, heaters, fistula cannulas.
04.15.12 - Instrument sets for dialysis
Devices to connect a person to a dialyser. Included are, e.g. forceps. Sterilizing equipment, see >04 22
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