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Assistive device types - Selected code: 04.24
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04 - Assistive products for measuring, stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions
Products that monitor or assess a person’s medical condition and products for stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions. Included are, e.g. products used in medical treatment. Excluded are assistive products used exclusively by healthcare professionals. Devices that have a function other than training, but that can also be used for training should be included in the class covering its principal function. Orthoses and prostheses, see 06. Assistive products for seeing, see 22 03. Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06. Assistive products for vocational assessment and vocational training, see 28 27.
04.24 - Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials
Measuring instruments and equipment for workplaces, see >281803
04.24.03 - Urine analysis equipment
04.24.09 - Blood pressure meters (sphygmomanometers)
04.24.09.S01 - Sphygmomanometers
04.24.12 - Blood analysis devices, equipment and materials
Included are, e.g. blood glucose monitors.
04.24.15 - Electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment
Equipment for monitoring and recording the activities of the heart
04.24.18 - Physical test and evaluation materials
Equipment for testing and evaluating functions like joint stability, joint mobility, muscle. strength and physical endurance, as well as movement activities like sitting, standing, rolling over and walking
04.24.21 - Stethoscopes
Device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of the human body.
04.24.24 - Body thermometers
Instruments for measuring the body temperature
04.24.24.S01 - Body thermometers
04.24.27 - Personal scales
Instruments of measuring body weight
04.24.27.S01 - Personal scales04.24.27.S01 - Personal scales
04.24.28 - Personal scales for seated person
Instruments for measuring weight of a person seated on an assistive product. Included are, e.g. personal scales for wheelchair user seated on a wheelchair.
04.24.33 - Respiration meters
Instruments for measuring the volume of air inhaled and exhaled. Included are, e.g. spirometers.
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