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Selected code: 09.39

Assistive device types - Selected code: 09.39
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09 - Assistive products for self-care activities and participation in self-care
Products intended to support daily care of oneself, including washing and drying oneself, caring for one’s body and body parts, dressing, and protecting one’s body. Included are, e.g. assistive products for dressing and undressing, for body protection, for personal hygiene, for tracheostomy, ostomy and incontinence care and for sexual activity. Assistive products for eating and drinking, see 15 09.
09.39 - Assistive products for hair care
Devices for washing and styling hair
09.39.03 - Assistive products for shampooing
Devices for washing hair
09.39.03.S01 - Shampooing basins09.39.03.S01 - Shampooing basins
09.39.06 - Combs and hairbrushes
Devices for grooming hair. Grip adapters and attachment, see 24 18 06.
09.39.06.S01 - Combs09.39.06.S01 - Combs
09.39.06.S02 - Hairbrushes09.39.06.S02 - Hairbrushes
09.39.09 - Hair dryers
Devices for drying and styling the hair. Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or combination of these functions, see >24 18
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