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Selected code: 15.09

Assistive device types - Selected code: 15.09
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15 - Assistive products for domestic activities and participation in domestic life
Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to carry out domestic and everyday actions and tasks. Included are, e.g. products for preparation of food and drink, housecleaning, gardening, and maintaining of clothing.
15.09 - Assistive products for eating and drinking
Assistive products for handling containers, see 24 06. Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06. Non-slip pads, see 24 27 06.
15.09.03 - Assistive products for serving and storing food and drink
Containers from which food and drink are served and the utensils used for this action. Included are, e.g. utensils used for serving, trays, food containers, tea trolleys, heated serving dishes, vacuum flasks. Assistive products for carrying and transporting, see 24 36.
15.09.06 - Food dispensers
Containers measuring out a predetermined amount of, e.g. sugar or oil
15.09.09 - Stoppers and funnels
Stoppers are devices to prevent spilling liquid from a vessel; funnels are cone-shaped devices that reduce spillage when liquid is poured through them into a vessel.
15.09.13 - Cutlery, chopsticks and straws
Devices used when eating, to cut food or on/in/through which food is moved from a container into a person’s mouth. Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06.
15.09.13.S01 - Straws15.09.13.S01 - Straws
15.09.13.S02 - Cutlery15.09.13.S02 - Cutlery
15.09.16 - Mugs, glasses and cups and saucers
Included are grip adapters for these products. Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06.
15.09.16.S01 - Glasses15.09.16.S01 - Glasses
15.09.16.S02 - Bowls15.09.16.S02 - Bowls
15.09.18 - Plates and bowls
Included are, e.g. warm water plates, bowls with a cover or handgrip.
15.09.18.S01 - Plates15.09.18.S01 - Plates
15.09.21 - Food guards
Products that can be fitted to the side of a plate to provide a raised edge that prevents. food from being pushed off of the plate
15.09.21.S01 - Plates buffers15.09.21.S01 - Plates buffers
15.09.24 - Egg cups
15.09.24.S01 - Egg cups15.09.24.S01 - Egg cups
15.09.27 - Feeding apparatus
Powered or manual devices that enable a person to eat by bringing the food from the dish to the mouth. Included are feeding robots.
15.09.27.S01 - Feeding devices15.09.27.S01 - Feeding devices
15.09.30 - Feeding systems for enteral feeding
Feeding systems that enable liquid food to be introduced directly into the gastrointestinal tract (i.e. enteral feeding). Included are, e.g. enteral feeding pumps, tubes, accessories. Infusion pumps, see 04 19 24.
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