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Assistive device types - Selected code: 18.24
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Furniture and other products that can be placed in, incorporated into or otherwise, added to, the built environment to facilitate movement and positioning, including. entry and exit, within areas constructed for public and private use. Included are, e.g. products for sitting, standing and lying. Sets of castors, see >243606. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see >27 03. Workplace furniture and furnishing elements, see >28 03
18.24 - Construction elements in homes and other premises
Features of the structure of the house that are designed to assist a person to function. independently. Grip adapters and attachments, see >241806. Water purifiers and water softeners, see >270318. Workplace furniture and furnishing elements, see >28 03
18.24.03 - Plumbing fittings and taps
Systems in a house in which liquids or gases can be controlled and distributed. Included are, e.g. water and gas supply fittings, such as single lever taps, thermostatic. mixing valves, flexible tubing, siphons, electronic mixing valves.
18.24.03.S01 - Wc taps18.24.03.S01 - Wc taps
18.24.03.S02 - Taps18.24.03.S02 - Taps
18.24.06 - Windows
Window openers and window closers, see >18 21 06. Environmental control systems, see >241303. Assistive products for controlling illumination, see >270315
18.24.09 - Doors
Included are, e.g. sliding doors, up-and-over doors, folding doors, swing doors. Door openers and door closers, see >182103
18.24.09.S01 - Doors18.24.09.S01 - Doors
18.24.12 - Thresholds
Floor-level sills positioned at the base of doors or at the entrance to internal areas. Included are, e.g. rubber seals for shower doors, crossover bridges.
18.24.12.S01 - Threshold for liquids18.24.12.S01 - Threshold for liquids
18.24.15 - Floor coverings
Non-slip materials for floors and stairs, see >183303. Tactile materials for floors and stairs, see >183315. Fire-resistant floor coverings, see >183318. Workplace furniture and furnishing elements, see >28 03
18.24.15.S01 - Floor coverings18.24.15.S01 - Floor coverings
18.24.18 - Stairs
Ladders and stepladders, see >183021
18.24.18.S01 - Stairs for bath18.24.18.S01 - Stairs for bath
18.24.21 - Counter tops
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