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Selected code: 22.13

Assistive device types - Selected code: 22.13
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22 - Assistive products for communication and information management
Products intended to support, train or replace a person's capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations and using communication devices and techniques. Included are, e.g. devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, information technology. Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management at work, see 28 21.
22.13 - Assistive products for reading, writing and drawing
Included are products for handling reading and writing materials. Letter and symbol sets and boards, see 22 21 03. Tools, materials and equipment for creative pictorial design, 30 18 15.
22.13.03 - Page turners
Devices used for turning pages in e.g., books, newspapers and magazines. Operating sticks, see 24 18 15.
22.13.03.S01 - Digital documents readers22.13.03.S01 - Digital documents readers
Software based system able to transform digital documents (e.g. text files) into voice output
22.13.03.S02 - Digital document reading (text to speech) services
Web based services that transform digital documents into audio files
22.13.03.S03 - Page turners
22.13.06 - Writing boards, reading stands and book support cushions
Stands, boards, manuscript holders, and cushions for holding or supporting reading and writing materials, e.g. paper and books. Reading desks, writing desks and standing desks, see 18 03 06. Bed tables, see 18 03 15.
22.13.06.S01 - Writing and drawing boards22.13.06.S01 - Writing and drawing boards
22.13.09 - Signature guides, stamps and writing frames
Devices for assisting a person to write a signature or hand-written characters in the desired position or to produce a printed signature using a stamp.
22.13.09.S01 - Signature guides22.13.09.S01 - Signature guides
22.13.09.S02 - Writing rulers22.13.09.S02 - Writing rulers
22.13.12 - Reading masks and typoscopes
Devices that enable a limited area of text to be visible at one time.
22.13.15 - Text-to-speech devices and software
Devices and software for reading aloud printed or digital text with an electronic voice. Included are reading machines, reading pens, screen readers and electronic voices.
22.13.15.S01 - Text-to-speech software
22.13.15.S02 - Screen readers
22.13.15.S03 - Reading pens
22.13.15.S04 - Reading machines
22.13.15.S05 - Digital document reading (text to speech) services
22.13.18 - OCR equipment and OCR software
Scanners and software used to recognize and transform printed text into digital format. Included are hand-held scanners.
22.13.18.S01 - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software22.13.18.S01 - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
Software used for the scanning and recognition of documents. Included are e.g. OCR software with text-to-speech technology.
22.13.18.S02 - Paper documents reading devices22.13.18.S02 - Paper documents reading devices
Hardware system that transforms the text written in paper document into alternative forms (e.g. enlarged text, synthetic speech, or tactile).
22.13.21 - DAISY players and e-book readers
Included are, e.g. software for DAISY players and e-book readers.
22.13.21.S01 - E-book readers
22.13.21.S02 - Audible books playing systems
22.13.24 - Manual devices for drawing and handwriting
Included are, e.g. ball pens, pencils, brushes, drawing compasses, rulers, set squares, and holders for the above.
22.13.24.S01 - Drawing compasses
22.13.24.S02 - Devices for manual drawing22.13.24.S02 - Devices for manual drawing
22.13.24.S03 - Pens22.13.24.S03 - Pens
22.13.27 - Manual Braille writing equipment
Devices for producing embossed Braille characters on paper with a special stylus or a stick.
22.13.27.S01 - Braille writing equipment22.13.27.S01 - Braille writing equipment
22.13.27.S02 - Ballu' writing equipment
22.13.30 - Typewriters
Included are manual and electric typewriters and e.g. Braille typewriters.
22.13.30.S01 - Electric braille typewriters22.13.30.S01 - Electric braille typewriters
Stationary electric Braille typewriters
22.13.30.S02 - Manual braille typewriters22.13.30.S02 - Manual braille typewriters
Manual Braille typewriters
22.13.33 - Special writing paper/plastic
Materials for hard copies with special effects for tactile recognition.
22.13.33.S01 - Special drawing plastic22.13.33.S01 - Special drawing plastic
22.13.33.S02 - Special paper
22.13.36 - Portable note-taking devices for Braille
Portable devices for storing information with the use of braille.
22.13.39 - Text and multimedia processing software
Software for writing, editing, organizing and storing text and multimedia materials. Included are e.g. software for word prediction, Braille and DAISY. Office software and industrial software, see 28 21 12.
22.13.39.S01 - Word-processing software22.13.39.S01 - Word-processing software
Word processing software specifically designed to facilitate the use by people with motor, cognitive or sensory disabilities.
22.13.39.S02 - Voice recognition systems22.13.39.S02 - Voice recognition systems
Software for command and control or text input to computers by speech (speech-to-text programs).
22.13.39.S03 - Eyegaze systems22.13.39.S03 - Eyegaze systems
Systems that allow to control a computer, or other devices, through gaze
22.13.39.S04 - EEG, EOG or EMG controlled input devices
Input devices controlled by electric signals activated by brainwave signals (EEG), by facial muscle movements (EMG) or by eye movements (EOG).
22.13.39.S05 - Software for adjusting input devices response22.13.39.S05 - Software for adjusting input devices response
Software that allow to modify the functioning and behavior of input devices (e.g. mouse, keyboard, switches, ....) through adjustments and filtering (e.g. filtering out involuntary repeated keypress, or allowing "hot keys" and "short cuts")
22.13.39.S06 - Software for word prediction
22.13.42 - Drawing and painting software
Software for enabling drawing and painting activities with computers. Office software and industrial software, see 28 21 12.
22.13.42.S01 - Software for drawing
22.13.45 - Assistive products for training in reading
Products for training and developing reading skills, e.g. strategy, approach and performance.
22.13.45.S01 - Software for developing reading skill
22.13.48 - Assistive products for training in writing
Products for training and developing writing skills. Included are e.g. assistive products for training in typing.
22.13.48.S01 - Software for developing writing skill
22.13.51 - Assistive products for Braille training
Manual Braille writing equipment, see 22 13 27. Portable note-taking devices for Braille, see 22 13 36.
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