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Selected code: 22.39

Assistive device types - Selected code: 22.39
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Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations and using communication devices and techniques. Included are, e.g. devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, information technology. Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management. at work, see >28 21
22.39 - Output devices for computers
Included are, e.g. display monitors, printers, plotters, synthesizers. Office machines and office equipment, see >282109
22.39.04 - Visual computer displays and accessories
Devices that display information from a computer visually and accessories that enlarge or otherwise enhance text and images on a computer monitor. Included are, e.g. large print displays, screen magnifiers, glare reduction screens, and software.
22.39.04.S01 - Computer monitors
Monitors for desktop computers.
22.39.04.S02 - Screen filters
Filters for computer monitors reducing specular reflection.
22.39.05 - Tactile computer displays
Devices that display information from a computer tactilely. Included are, e.g. Braille displays, tactile graphic displays.
22.39.05.S01 - Braille displays22.39.05.S01 - Braille displays
Displays converting text to Braille.
22.39.06 - Printers
Included are, e.g. Braille printers/plotters.
22.39.06.S01 - Printers22.39.06.S01 - Printers
22.39.07 - Audible computer displays
Devices that display information from a computer audibly through speech or other sound. Included are, e.g. speech synthesizers.
22.39.07.S01 - Speech synthesizers
Hardware or software systems able to generate artificial human speech, also known as Text to Speech systems
22.39.12 - Special output software
Included are, e.g. software that enlarges the text and graphics displayed on a computer. screen, software that reads the display and converts it to speech (screen reader). Image-enlarging video systems, see >220318. Office software and industrial software, see >282112. Visual computer displays and accessories, see >223904. Audible computer displays, see >223907
22.39.12.S01 - Magnifying software22.39.12.S01 - Magnifying software
Software that enlarge the text and graphics displayed on the screen of a computer or other electronic devices. May feature screen reading, colour choice and focus enhancement etc.
22.39.12.S02 - Screen reader software22.39.12.S02 - Screen reader software
Software that interpret what is being displayed on the screen and present it to the user with text-to-speech, sound icons, or a Braille output device.
22.39.12.S03 - Software for adjusting color combination and text size22.39.12.S03 - Software for adjusting color combination and text size
Software that allow adjusting the color of text, background, images and other elements displayed on the screen, and/or to adjust the font size, to improve visualization.
22.39.12.S04 - Software to modify the pointer appearance22.39.12.S04 - Software to modify the pointer appearance
Software to modify the size, color, and/or shape of the pointer on the screen
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