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Selected code: 24.09

Assistive device types - Selected code: 24.09
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Products intended to facilitate a person’s performance of a task requiring the movement or manipulation of an object. Assistive products for transporting objects in workplaces, see >28 06. Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workplaces, see >28 09
24.09 - Assistive products for operating and controlling devices
Devices for operating and controlling equipment. Steering and control systems for wheelchairs, see >122403. Gate, door, window and curtain openers/closers, 18 21. Environmental control systems, see >241303
24.09.03 - Push-buttons
Devices that trigger or perform a mechanical action when pressed. Switches (on/off or other functions), see >240918
24.09.06 - Fixed handles and knobs
Devices for opening, closing or moving an object by pushing or pulling and that are mounted on that object
24.09.09 - Rotating handles and knobs
Devices turned, usually with the hand, that initiate an operation when rotated
24.09.09.S01 - Handles24.09.09.S01 - Handles
24.09.12 - Pedals (mechanical)
A foot-operated lever used to control or to supply power to certain mechanisms, e.g. for a bicycle
24.09.15 - Handwheels and crank handles
Levers or wheels, connected to a shaft, with a handle or other means by which they are rotated to initiate an action
24.09.18 - Switches (on/off or other functions)24.09.18 - Switches (on/off or other functions)
Devices that activate or deactivate an electrical circuit. Included are, e.g. push-buttons for electrical devices. Steering and control systems for wheelchairs, see >122403. Computer pointing devices, see >223621
24.09.18.S01 - Single switches (switches with only one function)24.09.18.S01 - Single switches (switches with only one function)
On/off switches (0/1 switches) which can be activated in different ways e.g. push activated, touch activated or sound activated etc. Single switches are used to control different products/assistive products.
24.09.18.S02 - Two-four function control switches24.09.18.S02 - Two-four function control switches
Switches controlling two to four functions.
24.09.18.S03 - Five-or-more-function-contacts24.09.18.S03 - Five-or-more-function-contacts
Five-or-more-function-contacts or wafer or star switch joysticks, where the function is similar to that of a digital joystick.
24.09.24 - Switchboards
Telephone switchboards, see >222418
24.09.24.S01 - Signal regulators24.09.24.S01 - Signal regulators
24.09.28 - Variable electric power sources
Devices for supplying variable electric power
24.09.30 - Timer switches
Devices for controlling electrical devices that are programmed at set intervals of time
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