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Assistive device types - Selected code: 27.03
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Products intended to control or modify specific elements of the physical environment or to measure the conditions and components of the natural or physical environment. Furniture (e.g. chairs, beds or tables) or construction-related products (e.g. light. fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door openers, cupboards), see >18. Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment, see >28
27.03 - Assistive products for environmental improvement
Devices for protecting a person from adverse environmental influences by eliminating or controlling unfavourable factors
27.03.03 - Assistive products for controlling the internal climate
Devices for regulating the internal climatic features of a confined space (temperature, humidity, ventilation). Included are, e.g. humidifiers.
27.03.06 - Air cleaners
Devices that remove pollutants from the air in the internal atmosphere. Air cleaners for workplaces, see >282412
27.03.09 - Assistive products for reducing noise
Devices or materials that reduce or absorb noise. Included are, e.g. sound-absorbing materials. Assistive products for noise reduction in workplaces, see >282415
27.03.12 - Assistive products for reducing vibrations
Devices or materials for dampening vibrations. Assistive products for reducing vibration in workplaces, see >282409
27.03.15 - Assistive products for controlling illumination
Devices for regulating lighting conditions. Light fixtures, see >18 06. Assistive products for operating and controlling devices, see >24 09. Assistive products for controlling illumination in workplaces, see >282406
27.03.18 - Water purifiers and water softeners
Devices or materials for purifying or softening water. Assistive products for dialysis therapy, see >04 15
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