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Assistive device types - Selected code: 30.03
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Classifications group
Products intended to facilitate a person’s participation in any form of play, sports orhobbies or other forms of recreation and leisure. Equipment for movement, strength and balance training, including exercise and physical fitness equipment, see >04 48
30.03 - Assistive products for play
Products that enable a person to engage in games with rules or unstructured or unorganized games and spontaneous recreation
30.03.03 - Toys
Devices, usually for children, designed for play without fixed rules
30.03.03.S01 - Toys30.03.03.S01 - Toys
30.03.06 - Playground equipment
Indoor and outdoor structures constructed for play, usually by children, without fixed rules. Included are, e.g. playhouses, swings.
30.03.09 - Games
Products designed to enable a person to engage in recreational activities that follow fixed rules. Included are, e.g. board games, card games, puzzles, video/computer games. Assistive products for sports, see >30 09
30.03.09.S01 - Playing cards30.03.09.S01 - Playing cards
30.03.09.S02 - Games30.03.09.S02 - Games
30.03.09.S03 - Software Games30.03.09.S03 - Software Games
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