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Assessment and certification of assistive devices

Record number: 129
Last update: October 2019
Type of document: Lectures
Author: Andrich R
Editorial data: Dispense Corso di Alta Formazione "Ausili per l'Autonomia e la Partecipazione". Associazione La Nostra Famiglia IRCCS E.Medea
Year of publication: 2019
The lecture provides a general framework for assistive technology assessment. The first part discusses various aspects of functional and technical assessment, such as safety, quality, functionality, usability, referring to regulations and certification standards issued by national (UNI), international (ISO) and European (CEN) standadization Bodies. Some assessment checklists are described, such as the 17 criteria proposed by A.Batavia and G.Hammer (1990), the 7 criteria proposed by the European Institute on Design and Disability (1998) and the European handbook USERFIT (1996). In the second part, the lesson discussed the fundamentals of individualized assessment, based on three concepts: competence (whether the assistive solution achieves the goals) reaches the target), consonance (whether the user is comfortable with it) and contextuality (whether it fits the context). In the third part, the lesson investigates socio-economic aspects, such as effectiveness (objectives achieved), usefulness (user-perceived value) and cost-efficiency.
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