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The EUSTAT instrument for analysing the user's needs

Record number: 440
Last update: May 2013
Type of document: Tools
Author: Eustat Consortium
Editorial data: Dispense Corso di Alta Formazione "Tecnologie per l'Autonomia". Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
Year of publication: 2013
(text automatically translated from Italian) The European study EUSTAT (Empowering Users Through Assistive Technology), as well as to develop a set of training materials for the education of persons with disabilities to independence through the use of assistive devices, has developed an analysis tool that helps the need user and operator, through the compilation of a couple of cards, to identify more precisely the needs of the user in order to formulate targets for intervention. The first tab (analysis of problem assets) proposes a list of 22 typical activities of daily living (that the user can freely complete adding any other activity) and asked to describe in one sentence - only for those activities that have some difficulty - in what is exactly the problem. The second tab, then be completed for each of those activities that had been identified as problematic in the first tab, asks to further deepen the description of the problem, eg by stating the place, time and circumstances, what do you expect for the future , and if you already have some idea about how to solve it.
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