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Go for it: a user manual on Assistive Technology

Record number: 6
Last update: June 2008
Type of document: Manuals or books
Author: Eustat Consortium
Editorial data: Milano: European Commission, 1999
Year of publication: 1999
This book is a basic educational package to be used directly by end-users of Assistive Technology or as a textbook for educational initiatives. It is written in plain, easy-to-understand language. It is divided into eight chapters that progressively lead the reader from a basic understanding of Assistive Technology (AT), how to choose it and how to seek advice to a deeper insight into the implications of AT at both individual and social level. In this way, the manual is helpful to novice and expert users alike. It can also assist readers in their personal growth towards more in-depth knowledge, which can be used not only for improving personal autonomy, but also for helping others by acting as peer counsellors. After some introductory considerations, three chapters (Be prepared for the process of getting AT; Choosing and getting AT; and The service delivery system) offer methods for analysing one's own daily life activities in order to identify areas where AT can be useful; they also highlight aspects the user should be aware of when seeking external advice or accessing a public service delivery system. Concrete examples are offered by the chapter People and AT: some stories of success, that illustrate how AT could solve problems in real life for five persons with disabilities. A comprehensive description follows (chapter Knowing AT) of existing AT products and services, together with many practical examples and pictures. Chapter Information resources and personal advice on AT describes information tools, information sites, and other possible sources of advice that can be sought when choosing AT. In the chapter For you who want to know more the focus shifts from an individual perspective to a social one, so as to understand the impact of AT on society, to communicate better with professionals and other stakeholders, and to be ready to keep pace with future developments. The final chapter (The next challenge: from user to peer counsellor) offers ideas, methods and tips for those expert users who wish to make their experience available to novice users.
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