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Organizing Assistive Technology Centres

Record number: 128
Last update: October 2019
Type of document: Lectures
Author: Andrich R
Editorial data: Dispense Corso di Alta Formazione "Ausili per l'Autonomia e la Partecipazione". Associazione La Nostra Famiglia IRCCS E.Medea
Year of publication: 2019
The lecture analyzes the assistive devices assessment/choice process and the fundamental role of Assistive Technology Centres within the process. Criteria and instruments are suggested that can be useful in various stages of the process (competences/skills needed within the team, logistics, assistive products exhibition, intake methods and work protocols). Examples of good practice are presented from foreign assistive technology centres as well as from the Italian AT centres network (GLIC). The lecture proceeds with illustrating the major informative resources available in Italy SIVA Portal, Essediquadro, other Web Sites) and worldwide (EASTIN and the connected national databases) and the scientific Societies that are active in this sector (AAATE, RESNA etc.). Finally, the lecture suggests some quality indicators (accessibility, competence, coordination, flexibility, efficiency, user infuence), as basis for comparison between the Italian service delivery system and the systems of other European Countries.
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